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 K. Eric Drexler  Nanosystems  Molecular  Machinery,  Manufacturing,  and Computation \begin{aligned} & \text { K. Eric Drexler } \\ & \text { Nanosystems } \\ & \text { Molecular } \\ & \text { Machinery, } \\ & \text { Manufacturing, } \\ & \text { and Computation } \end{aligned}


The most talked about technical book of the year.

-Bob Schwabach
United Press International

With this book, Drexler has established the field of molecular nanotechnology. The detailed analyses show quantum chemists and synthetic chemists how to build upon their knowledge of bonds and molecules to develop the manufacturing systems of nanotechnology, and show physicists and engineers how to scale down their concepts of macroscopic systems to the level of molecules.

-William A. Goddard III
Professor of Chemistry and Applied Physics
Director, Materials and Molecular Simulation Center
California Institute of Technology

Devices enormously smaller than before will remodel engineering, chemistry, medicine, and computer technology. How can we understand machines that are so small? Nanosystems covers it all: power and strength, friction and wear, thermal noise and quantum uncertainty. This is the book for starting the next century of engineering.

-Marvin Minsky
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

What the computer revolution did for manipulating data, the nanotechnology revolution will do for manipulating matter, juggling atoms like bits... This multidisciplinary synthesis opens the door to the new field of molecular manufacturing.

-Ralph Merkle
Member of the Research Staff
Computational Nanotechnology Project
Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

This work provides the scientific and technological foundation for the emerging field of molecular systems engineering...It is essential for anyone contemplating research in this area...a milestone in the development of the technologies that will underpin the final industrial revolution.

-John Walker
Cofounder of Autodesk, Inc.

It is a scholarly examination of how this technology works, a reference book for the crafters of the future.


Demonstrates not only that nanotechnology is achievable, but shows how it will happen....takes readers from the fundamental physical principles to advanced designs for molecular components and systems.

-Japan Times

Winner, 1992 Award for Best Computer Science Book.

-Association of American Publishers


Molecular Machinery, Manufacturing, and Computation

K. Eric Drexler
Research Fellow
Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
Palo Alto, California

To experimentalists, engineers, and software builders:

they do the hard parts